Brave New World


On his way out of the hospital after his mom died, John encounters two groups of twins while they were getting doses of soma after their shifts. John attempts to get them to stop taking the soma. He says that it is poisonous and is keeping them almost like slaves to the society. He wants them instead to choose “freedom”. The twins look as though they aren’t understanding what John is trying to tell them and this makes John mad. He takes the soma and throws it out of a window. The man that is giving these soma doses to theses twins is alarmed by this speak from John and calls Bernard. Helmholtz answers the phone instead and is informed about what John is doing. He then transfers the information to Bernard. The two of them then rush to the hospital. The workers run at John in anger, but Helmholtz jumps in front as an attempt to defend John. Bernard on the other hand isn’t so fast to jump in. He is afraid that he will get hurt trying to prevent this whole situation. He feels ashamed that he thinks the way that he does. The police soon arrive. They began to spray soma vapor play a recorded voice that asked why the people fighting weren’t happy. After while, the soma vapor kicked in and the delta workers were apologizing and making up with each other. The police ask the other boys to come with him. Bernard attempts to escape but is caught in the act.

The police take John, Bernard, and Helmholtz to Mond’s office. They begin talking and John lets Mond know that’s there are some things that he like about the society such as “the constant sound of music”. Mond responds with a line from a Shakespeare poem. John is surprised at the fact that Mond has read Shakespeare. Mond lets John know that such text are “forbidden” because they are just things that help society cling on to the past, which isn’t a good thing. And also the people of the World State would not be able to read it because the stories he writes are based on experiences and feeling that do not exist anymore in the World State. The believe that these things have been replaced with “happiness”. Though John believes that this has not solved the world’s problems, but instead made them worse. He asked Mond, the Director, why all people couldn’t atleast all be created as alphas. He responded by saying that majority of the population had to be “stupid” and happy with it so that they could feel superior and happy with their place in life. He then mentioned an experiment where all alphas were placed on an island together, and civil war soon broke out because none of them were happy about being on the same level as, or not being superior to anyone else.

Science cannot exist in the World State because “the search for truth conflicts with happiness”. This is ironic because the products of this society are taught to have science as one of their fundamentals in life. Though one of them have any scientific education or even know exactly what it is. This is key because it suggests that this whole society is built on untrue things. Mond tells Bernard and Helmholtz that they are being sent away from the World State to the islands. Bernard begins to beg him to change his mind but is taken away. Mond says that the islands are a place full of interesting people that just didn’t fit in the World State. Helmholtz asks if so then why didn’t he go when given the choice. Mond responds by saying that he would rather manage the happiness of others. Mond also believes that the islands are a good thing to have because if not for them, people that didn’t fit in would instead be killed.

After Helmholtz chooses the island he would like to be sent to, he leaves to check on Bernard. When he leaves the office, John and Mond continue their conversation. Though this time it is about the religious factors of the World State, which have also been forbidden from the society. Mond shows John his collection of religious books he has banned throughout the years and read some of them aloud. Mond believes that in a youthful and progressive there are no loses, and therefore no need for religion. John responds by asking if it should be natural to believe in God. Mond responds by saying that “providence takes its cue from men”, which means that you believe what you have been conditioned to believe. Though John believes that if the citizens believed in God then they wouldn’t be degraded. He says that God is the reason for “everything noble and fine and heroic”. Mond says that the citizens aren’t degraded, but live by a different set of values from one another and John. Mond believes that soma is “Christianity without tears”. But John want it the hard way with God, real danger, and freedom, even though it might lead to unhappiness.

Bernard and Helmholtz say goodbye to John before heading to the islands. He asks if he could go with them, but Mond says no because he wants to continue the experiment on John. Later John decides to isolate himself with an abandoned lighthouse. He grew his own plants here and punished himself because he felt he was a toxin to the society. Though he cannot escape the attention of everyone who discovers him. He is constantly interrupted and recorded and even has a video of him whipping himself go viral. Fans of the video crowd around him in the lighthouse chanting to see the whip. Lenina hops out of a helicopter and walks up to him. John calls her a prostitute and begins to whip her in front of everyone. The crowd instead of trying to stop him, mimic his gestures and movements as if he is doing a dance. After midnight, the helicopters leave the lighthouse and John is collapsed “stupefied by soma” and a “frenzy of sensuality”. When he awakes, he remembers everything that happened and is horrified. The next day, a group of people that had read about the event went to John’s lighthouse, only to find that he had hung himself.

Brave New World


The beginning of chapter 10 starts back at the hatchery. The Director and Henry are having a conversation about Bernard, so my guess is that the news about John and Linda coming to the World State has now gotten back to Thomas, the Director of the hatchery and the father of John. The Director tells Henry that he plans on dismissing Bernard in front of a bunch of high classed people. Though he says it is to set an example, he is doing it to hide what Bernard is bringing with him, which is his son and to basically to embarrass him,as Bernard is attempting to do to the Director by bringing his son back to the World State. This dismissal would not be seen as a problem to anyone in the World State because they feel as if one person gone won’t hurt since they can make so many embryos at once. This plan seems pretty evil looking at it from the Director’s standpoint, but only if u don’t know why he is doing it.

When Bernard gets back to the World State he is met by the Director. The Director tells Bernard that he has been declared “heretical.” He tells him he will be sent to Iceland. The way he tells him he is being sent off immediately made me think of when a military officer is sent off by their general. As the Director is telling Bernard he is being dismissed, his son John and his baby mother Linda show there faces. Linda then accuses Thomas, the Director, of forcing her to have the baby outside of the World State and to basically hide from the World that it was his. When John heard this from his mom and realized that the Director is his father, he fell to his knees and began to cry to him as though he was worshiping him. Now there is a shift in the atmosphere of the room because at first everyone was there to watch Bernard get dismissed from the World State, but now they are watching the Director get exposed for having a kid and forcing someone to have it. I would say that this is a major climax of the story because u don’t know exactly what could happen next.

The room is dead silent at first but then it bursts into laughter coming from the workers as though they don’t believe what is happening. The Director soon resigns or steps down from his position. This also causes Bernard to be able to keep his job and not be deported or transferred to Iceland. Not long after John is exposed to the World State, John becomes very popular in the society, though his mom Linda continuously takes soma and is always in a zombie type of state. He becomes known as “the Savage”, which was a name given to him by the World State. He also becomes the guardian of the society. With John coming up in society so fast, Bernard is also on the rise because he is the one who discovered and brought John to the World State. He often boasts about his upcoming popularity and in this section he is talking to his friend Helmholtz. He tells him specifically about his increase in sexual activity he has gotten since John has become guardian. Though Helmholtz doesn’t respond to him to Bernard which offends him. He decides to end his relationship with him.

Lenina likes John and has feelings for him, but she does not know if John likes her back. She takes him to a movie titled,”Three Weeks In A Helicopter.” It was about a black man who kidnaps a woman for his own entertainment. In reality John dislikes the movie, but somehow it strengthens his feelings for Lenina. He begins to get ashamed of theses feelings and his passion for this girl and lets it get in the way of them. Because of this he refuses to have intercourse with her, which leaves Lenina very shocked. John then locks himself in his room when they return back and reads Shakespeare, which is his way of copping with his feelings. Lenina takes soma when she gets back to her room, which is her way of copping with her feelings.

The next day John has arranged a party for important people, almost similar to the one Thomas put together earlier in the book. Though Bernard promised these people that they would have a chance to meet John face to face. This party failed miserably because John refused to even come out his room and attend the party. Bernard is ashamed as he has to watch all these important people leave one by one because he couldn’t keep his word and get John to the party. While this is happening, Lenina is also upset that John will not come out of his room so she can see why he acted as he did the night after the movie.

After Bernard is stood up by John, he loses his high standard of the “savage’s discoverer” and is now just another number. John instantly becomes the blame to all of Bernard’s problems because of this. Now Bernard turns back to his friend Helmholtz in hopes that he will forgive him for acting foolish when he gained fame and be his friend again; Helmholtz gladly takes him back. Then, John and Helmholtz meet and instantly form a connection. This of course infuriates Bernard and he becomes jealous. Later on the same day, Lenina is invited to a movie with Henry but she quickly declines. Sho talks to Fanny afterwards and tells her about her feelings for John. Fanny tells Lenina that she should not be stuck on just one person and she should go and explore other options, but Lenina only wants John and no one else could “interest” her. After this conversation, Lenina takes doses of soma and visits John with the intent of seducing him. Though when they meet there is no need because John began to express his feelings for her in the form of Shakespeare quotes. Lenina is glad to hear that John likes her back but is sort of weirded out by his talk about marriage other things like so. Lenina begins to remove her clothes in front of John but no he was not having it. He slaps Lenina and begins to call her all sorts of dirty names. She then runs to the bathroom and locks herself inside. As this is going on John answers his ringing phone and quickly leaves the apartment.

John rushes to the hospital for the dying. When he arrives he whispers to the nurse that he would like to see his mom. The nurse is shocked to hear such a thing in this time of no moms. She leads John to Linda’s bed and he holds her hand in tears. Then a group of eight twins gather around Linda and begin to insult her. John is infuriated and hits one of twins. The nurse is upset that John might have messed up the twins death conditioning that has been installed in them since they were 18 months old. The nurse then takes the twins away. Linda the begins to choke and John rushes to find a nurse begging for help, but by the time they arrive, Linda is already dead. John cries and rushes out of the room.

Brave New World

Chapters: 7-9

The beginning of chapter seven starts at a reservation outside or the World State. There, Lenina and Bernard are walking and run into a community event or celebration. This even is something neither of them has ever seen nor are they familiar with it. Though they do hear the pounding of drums, which they are familiar with because they too use them in celebrations. She identifies the pounding of the drums to the solidarity services and even Ford’s day celebrations back in the World State. Then the images of an eagle are show and pictures of a man on a cross is raised. A youth then walks into the center of the ceremony, which is full of hissing snakes and is whipped until he collapses as some sort of sacrifice.When I read this in the book I instantly thought about Christianity and the Bible, but more specifically God as it clearly is the symbolism of him being hung on a cross as a sacrifice.

Lenina is terrified of this sacrifice or “celebration.” As they are about to leave they meet a small boy from the village named John. They are shocked by him because he speaks English as though he is from where they are from. He lets Bernard and Lenina know that he wanted to be the sacrifice but they wouldn’t let him because his parents aren’t actually from the village. He tells them that his mother was on a visit to the village. On her way she got hurt so some of the villagers came to take her in after they found her. She has been there ever since. She was also pregnant with John while on her visit. So when he was born he was sort of an outsider to the village even though he was born there. John then takes Bernard and Lenina to meet his mom Linda. She is described as the opposite of her son;not to pleasing. She adds on to the things that John has already told the two and confirms that she is from the World State. She says that had John because there was something wrong with her reproductive organs. The village or reserve that she was at would not allow her to have an abortion and she was too ashamed to return to the World State with a baby so she stayed at the village. She explains to them that when she got to the village she really had no purpose like she was made for in the World State so she did what she wanted including sleeping with whoever she wanted, even if the men were taken. Bernard also finds out that John’s dad Tomakin is actually Thomas, the D.O.H, but he keeps it to himself.

John is obsessed with the “other place” as they call it. He reads anything he can from or about it as him mom taught him how to read. He often asked his mom questions about the other place but she answers very few of them so most of what he believes about it comes from his head and her stories about it. Bernard asks John if he would like to go back with him, not telling him the real reason he wants him to. John, of course, accepts the invite but insists that his mom Linda is allowed to go also. Bernard says he will take both John and his mom Linda. John expresses his joy of this invite through a line of “the Tempest” as this is how he has learned to express all of his feelings; through poems and books he reads. Bernard sees that John is overly excited to see the World State in London and he warns him to wait until after he sees it before he becomes in love with it. This is significant because it makes John think on his way there that maybe it isn’t what it’s all cooked up to be.

Bernard flies to Santa Fe to begin to try and get permission for John and Linda to enter the World State. He tells the story to multiple people before he finally reaches the attention of someone who is called the “World Controller” that controls who and what comes and goes from the World State. The World Controller decides to let the two come as they are of interest in a scientific way bacause of Linda giving natural birth to John. As this is going on John begins to get scared that he has been left behind. He breaks into the cabinet that the two were staying in and begin to go through there things. He then notices Lenina passes out on the bed. He stares at her for a while wanting to touch her, but is scared that if he does it will remove her from her current state of mind and back to normal. He then hears Bernard’s helicopter getting close. He just barely leaves in time to not be caught breaking into the cabin.

Brave New World

Chapters: 4-6

To start off chapters 4-6, the author begins to get a little deeper into the lives of these people. Though in the beginning it is specifically a girl named Lenina. She walks into a room or lift full of people who she had all spent nights with which is normal for them. She then sees one of the boys and lets them know out loud that she accepts their invitation to some reservation. She says this out loud to make everyone else hear her. Though the guy she says it to ,who’s name is Bernard takes it as he is ashamed that she says this and asked her instead to talk about it in private. Lenina is confused that he would as her this. Then comes along another guy named Henry to take Lenina on there date in Henry’s helicopter. They hovered over the city for a while and saw how the gammas were put to work in a building with some sort of assembly line. Lenina then says, “My word. I’m glad I’m not a gamma.” This line, and more importantly this chapter, significant because it shows the difference between the the types of lives that these people have been forced or predestined to live without any say in who they want to become.

After leaving their date at mini golf, they head back to Henry’s apartment building. On their way, Henry and Lenina fly over a crematorium. A crematory is a machine in which bodies are burned down to the bones, eliminating all the soft tissue of the body. The phosphorus from the body is collected and is used as fertilizer. These adult bodies are burned without ritual as if they had no life or family. This sight brings them into the conversation of all the caste members of the society. Lenina states that she believes that all caste members of the society are happy regardless of their classification and that their happiness comes from the way they were “conditioned”, or raised. This is significant because it could be compared to the time we live in right now. A lower class member may be more happy inside than a very wealthy high class one even though they may not have as much wealth. They may have something more meaningful that the wealthy one doesn’t.

When they reach the apartment, they eat then head to the “Westminster Abby Cabaret.” While they are there, they take several doses of a drug called “soma.” This drug is used to cure any type of unhappiness in theses people. It also causes u to be almost in a drunk state of mind except instead of feeling like u need to throw up or can’t stand on your own, all u feel is happiness. So u could probably compare it to alcohol but with a different side affect. The fact that they have this drug shows that they aren’t always as happy as they are meant to be in the society. In other words they could not all be forced to “like their predestined lives.”

Even after taking so many doses of soma, Lenina still remembers to take her “contraceptive” pills. These are basically her daily birth control pills because as we know they do not have children naturally. She remember to take these pills after all these doses of soma make her oblivious to the world around her because it has been beaten instide of her head for so long that it is almost automatic for her to do it.

The book then switches back to the life of Bernard after Henry and Lenina reach the apartment. We find out that on Thursday, he has to attend “Solidarity Service” at the Fordson Community Singery.

Brave New World

Chapter 1-3:

This book begins in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.The director of hatchery and conditioning is giving the students a tour of the hatchery. The time here is A.F. 632. I looked further into this and it just means that it is 632 years after the first Ford T model was made. So the setting of this book is approximately in 2540 or “the future.”In this time period humans are not born naturally in the wound. Their sexual parts are surgically removed and the embryos are created in a lab. Not only that, but they are shocked to divide multiple times to divide to make up to 96 embryos that grow to be 96 identical twins. The process that splits these embryos into so many is called the Bokanovsky process. He believes this process helps with social stability. His vision is to have “96 identical twins working on 96 identical machines.” The embryos are predestined before they are even made to do a specific job.To him, he is just living by the World States motto of “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” as it was written on the front entrance of the hatchery.

As the director is walking the students throughout the hatchery, he explains the process to them and the meaning of what he is doing.The students jotted down anxiously what they feel is important about what the director is saying. As they are walking throughout the hatchery, the speaker gives plenty of visuals to show exactly what the students are looking at. The director also tells the students that they are also trying to decrease the amount of time that it takes each embryo to mature so that they can go to work faster. He takes the student to where the embryos are kept in their tubes. The color of the entire room is red because that is the only light they can take. Their are stacks after stacks of theses embryos in this room and people assigned to take care of them.

After showing the students the embryos in their bottles, he takes them to the nursery. There, the students observe a Bokanovsky group of eight-month-old babies. Some nurses present the babies with books and flowers. As the babies crawl toward the books and the flowers happily, the babies hear alarms and are given a shock. The director says that after repeating this 200 times that the babies will automatically acquire a hate for books and flowers. This seems very abusive to me and it would be in this time period, but in this book it is normal for these type of things to happen to these toddlers in order for them to grow up to be what they are predestined to be in society. They will make it happen by any means necessary.