Brave New World

Chapters: 4-6

To start off chapters 4-6, the author begins to get a little deeper into the lives of these people. Though in the beginning it is specifically a girl named Lenina. She walks into a room or lift full of people who she had all spent nights with which is normal for them. She then sees one of the boys and lets them know out loud that she accepts their invitation to some reservation. She says this out loud to make everyone else hear her. Though the guy she says it to ,who’s name is Bernard takes it as he is ashamed that she says this and asked her instead to talk about it in private. Lenina is confused that he would as her this. Then comes along another guy named Henry to take Lenina on there date in Henry’s helicopter. They hovered over the city for a while and saw how the gammas were put to work in a building with some sort of assembly line. Lenina then says, “My word. I’m glad I’m not a gamma.” This line, and more importantly this chapter, significant because it shows the difference between the the types of lives that these people have been forced or predestined to live without any say in who they want to become.

After leaving their date at mini golf, they head back to Henry’s apartment building. On their way, Henry and Lenina fly over a crematorium. A crematory is a machine in which bodies are burned down to the bones, eliminating all the soft tissue of the body. The phosphorus from the body is collected and is used as fertilizer. These adult bodies are burned without ritual as if they had no life or family. This sight brings them into the conversation of all the caste members of the society. Lenina states that she believes that all caste members of the society are happy regardless of their classification and that their happiness comes from the way they were “conditioned”, or raised. This is significant because it could be compared to the time we live in right now. A lower class member may be more happy inside than a very wealthy high class one even though they may not have as much wealth. They may have something more meaningful that the wealthy one doesn’t.

When they reach the apartment, they eat then head to the “Westminster Abby Cabaret.” While they are there, they take several doses of a drug called “soma.” This drug is used to cure any type of unhappiness in theses people. It also causes u to be almost in a drunk state of mind except instead of feeling like u need to throw up or can’t stand on your own, all u feel is happiness. So u could probably compare it to alcohol but with a different side affect. The fact that they have this drug shows that they aren’t always as happy as they are meant to be in the society. In other words they could not all be forced to “like their predestined lives.”

Even after taking so many doses of soma, Lenina still remembers to take her “contraceptive” pills. These are basically her daily birth control pills because as we know they do not have children naturally. She remember to take these pills after all these doses of soma make her oblivious to the world around her because it has been beaten instide of her head for so long that it is almost automatic for her to do it.

The book then switches back to the life of Bernard after Henry and Lenina reach the apartment. We find out that on Thursday, he has to attend “Solidarity Service” at the Fordson Community Singery.

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