Brave New World

Chapter 1-3:

This book begins in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.The director of hatchery and conditioning is giving the students a tour of the hatchery. The time here is A.F. 632. I looked further into this and it just means that it is 632 years after the first Ford T model was made. So the setting of this book is approximately in 2540 or “the future.”In this time period humans are not born naturally in the wound. Their sexual parts are surgically removed and the embryos are created in a lab. Not only that, but they are shocked to divide multiple times to divide to make up to 96 embryos that grow to be 96 identical twins. The process that splits these embryos into so many is called the Bokanovsky process. He believes this process helps with social stability. His vision is to have “96 identical twins working on 96 identical machines.” The embryos are predestined before they are even made to do a specific job.To him, he is just living by the World States motto of “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” as it was written on the front entrance of the hatchery.

As the director is walking the students throughout the hatchery, he explains the process to them and the meaning of what he is doing.The students jotted down anxiously what they feel is important about what the director is saying. As they are walking throughout the hatchery, the speaker gives plenty of visuals to show exactly what the students are looking at. The director also tells the students that they are also trying to decrease the amount of time that it takes each embryo to mature so that they can go to work faster. He takes the student to where the embryos are kept in their tubes. The color of the entire room is red because that is the only light they can take. Their are stacks after stacks of theses embryos in this room and people assigned to take care of them.

After showing the students the embryos in their bottles, he takes them to the nursery. There, the students observe a Bokanovsky group of eight-month-old babies. Some nurses present the babies with books and flowers. As the babies crawl toward the books and the flowers happily, the babies hear alarms and are given a shock. The director says that after repeating this 200 times that the babies will automatically acquire a hate for books and flowers. This seems very abusive to me and it would be in this time period, but in this book it is normal for these type of things to happen to these toddlers in order for them to grow up to be what they are predestined to be in society. They will make it happen by any means necessary.

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