Brave New World

Chapters: 7-9

The beginning of chapter seven starts at a reservation outside or the World State. There, Lenina and Bernard are walking and run into a community event or celebration. This even is something neither of them has ever seen nor are they familiar with it. Though they do hear the pounding of drums, which they are familiar with because they too use them in celebrations. She identifies the pounding of the drums to the solidarity services and even Ford’s day celebrations back in the World State. Then the images of an eagle are show and pictures of a man on a cross is raised. A youth then walks into the center of the ceremony, which is full of hissing snakes and is whipped until he collapses as some sort of sacrifice.When I read this in the book I instantly thought about Christianity and the Bible, but more specifically God as it clearly is the symbolism of him being hung on a cross as a sacrifice.

Lenina is terrified of this sacrifice or “celebration.” As they are about to leave they meet a small boy from the village named John. They are shocked by him because he speaks English as though he is from where they are from. He lets Bernard and Lenina know that he wanted to be the sacrifice but they wouldn’t let him because his parents aren’t actually from the village. He tells them that his mother was on a visit to the village. On her way she got hurt so some of the villagers came to take her in after they found her. She has been there ever since. She was also pregnant with John while on her visit. So when he was born he was sort of an outsider to the village even though he was born there. John then takes Bernard and Lenina to meet his mom Linda. She is described as the opposite of her son;not to pleasing. She adds on to the things that John has already told the two and confirms that she is from the World State. She says that had John because there was something wrong with her reproductive organs. The village or reserve that she was at would not allow her to have an abortion and she was too ashamed to return to the World State with a baby so she stayed at the village. She explains to them that when she got to the village she really had no purpose like she was made for in the World State so she did what she wanted including sleeping with whoever she wanted, even if the men were taken. Bernard also finds out that John’s dad Tomakin is actually Thomas, the D.O.H, but he keeps it to himself.

John is obsessed with the “other place” as they call it. He reads anything he can from or about it as him mom taught him how to read. He often asked his mom questions about the other place but she answers very few of them so most of what he believes about it comes from his head and her stories about it. Bernard asks John if he would like to go back with him, not telling him the real reason he wants him to. John, of course, accepts the invite but insists that his mom Linda is allowed to go also. Bernard says he will take both John and his mom Linda. John expresses his joy of this invite through a line of “the Tempest” as this is how he has learned to express all of his feelings; through poems and books he reads. Bernard sees that John is overly excited to see the World State in London and he warns him to wait until after he sees it before he becomes in love with it. This is significant because it makes John think on his way there that maybe it isn’t what it’s all cooked up to be.

Bernard flies to Santa Fe to begin to try and get permission for John and Linda to enter the World State. He tells the story to multiple people before he finally reaches the attention of someone who is called the “World Controller” that controls who and what comes and goes from the World State. The World Controller decides to let the two come as they are of interest in a scientific way bacause of Linda giving natural birth to John. As this is going on John begins to get scared that he has been left behind. He breaks into the cabinet that the two were staying in and begin to go through there things. He then notices Lenina passes out on the bed. He stares at her for a while wanting to touch her, but is scared that if he does it will remove her from her current state of mind and back to normal. He then hears Bernard’s helicopter getting close. He just barely leaves in time to not be caught breaking into the cabin.

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