Brave New World


The beginning of chapter 10 starts back at the hatchery. The Director and Henry are having a conversation about Bernard, so my guess is that the news about John and Linda coming to the World State has now gotten back to Thomas, the Director of the hatchery and the father of John. The Director tells Henry that he plans on dismissing Bernard in front of a bunch of high classed people. Though he says it is to set an example, he is doing it to hide what Bernard is bringing with him, which is his son and to basically to embarrass him,as Bernard is attempting to do to the Director by bringing his son back to the World State. This dismissal would not be seen as a problem to anyone in the World State because they feel as if one person gone won’t hurt since they can make so many embryos at once. This plan seems pretty evil looking at it from the Director’s standpoint, but only if u don’t know why he is doing it.

When Bernard gets back to the World State he is met by the Director. The Director tells Bernard that he has been declared “heretical.” He tells him he will be sent to Iceland. The way he tells him he is being sent off immediately made me think of when a military officer is sent off by their general. As the Director is telling Bernard he is being dismissed, his son John and his baby mother Linda show there faces. Linda then accuses Thomas, the Director, of forcing her to have the baby outside of the World State and to basically hide from the World that it was his. When John heard this from his mom and realized that the Director is his father, he fell to his knees and began to cry to him as though he was worshiping him. Now there is a shift in the atmosphere of the room because at first everyone was there to watch Bernard get dismissed from the World State, but now they are watching the Director get exposed for having a kid and forcing someone to have it. I would say that this is a major climax of the story because u don’t know exactly what could happen next.

The room is dead silent at first but then it bursts into laughter coming from the workers as though they don’t believe what is happening. The Director soon resigns or steps down from his position. This also causes Bernard to be able to keep his job and not be deported or transferred to Iceland. Not long after John is exposed to the World State, John becomes very popular in the society, though his mom Linda continuously takes soma and is always in a zombie type of state. He becomes known as “the Savage”, which was a name given to him by the World State. He also becomes the guardian of the society. With John coming up in society so fast, Bernard is also on the rise because he is the one who discovered and brought John to the World State. He often boasts about his upcoming popularity and in this section he is talking to his friend Helmholtz. He tells him specifically about his increase in sexual activity he has gotten since John has become guardian. Though Helmholtz doesn’t respond to him to Bernard which offends him. He decides to end his relationship with him.

Lenina likes John and has feelings for him, but she does not know if John likes her back. She takes him to a movie titled,”Three Weeks In A Helicopter.” It was about a black man who kidnaps a woman for his own entertainment. In reality John dislikes the movie, but somehow it strengthens his feelings for Lenina. He begins to get ashamed of theses feelings and his passion for this girl and lets it get in the way of them. Because of this he refuses to have intercourse with her, which leaves Lenina very shocked. John then locks himself in his room when they return back and reads Shakespeare, which is his way of copping with his feelings. Lenina takes soma when she gets back to her room, which is her way of copping with her feelings.

The next day John has arranged a party for important people, almost similar to the one Thomas put together earlier in the book. Though Bernard promised these people that they would have a chance to meet John face to face. This party failed miserably because John refused to even come out his room and attend the party. Bernard is ashamed as he has to watch all these important people leave one by one because he couldn’t keep his word and get John to the party. While this is happening, Lenina is also upset that John will not come out of his room so she can see why he acted as he did the night after the movie.

After Bernard is stood up by John, he loses his high standard of the “savage’s discoverer” and is now just another number. John instantly becomes the blame to all of Bernard’s problems because of this. Now Bernard turns back to his friend Helmholtz in hopes that he will forgive him for acting foolish when he gained fame and be his friend again; Helmholtz gladly takes him back. Then, John and Helmholtz meet and instantly form a connection. This of course infuriates Bernard and he becomes jealous. Later on the same day, Lenina is invited to a movie with Henry but she quickly declines. Sho talks to Fanny afterwards and tells her about her feelings for John. Fanny tells Lenina that she should not be stuck on just one person and she should go and explore other options, but Lenina only wants John and no one else could “interest” her. After this conversation, Lenina takes doses of soma and visits John with the intent of seducing him. Though when they meet there is no need because John began to express his feelings for her in the form of Shakespeare quotes. Lenina is glad to hear that John likes her back but is sort of weirded out by his talk about marriage other things like so. Lenina begins to remove her clothes in front of John but no he was not having it. He slaps Lenina and begins to call her all sorts of dirty names. She then runs to the bathroom and locks herself inside. As this is going on John answers his ringing phone and quickly leaves the apartment.

John rushes to the hospital for the dying. When he arrives he whispers to the nurse that he would like to see his mom. The nurse is shocked to hear such a thing in this time of no moms. She leads John to Linda’s bed and he holds her hand in tears. Then a group of eight twins gather around Linda and begin to insult her. John is infuriated and hits one of twins. The nurse is upset that John might have messed up the twins death conditioning that has been installed in them since they were 18 months old. The nurse then takes the twins away. Linda the begins to choke and John rushes to find a nurse begging for help, but by the time they arrive, Linda is already dead. John cries and rushes out of the room.

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